Privacy Policy

Law Office Navias (hereinafter called The "Office"), being fully aware of the importance of protecting private information, stipulates our privacy policy as follows and hereby declares the commitment to protect and manage private information of individuals.

  • 1.Compliance with laws
    The Office shall comply with the laws and the national guideline applicable to protection of private information in handling private information in the course of conducting the business.
  • 2.Obtaining private information
    The Office shall obtain private information by fairly by legitimate means and only to the ex tent required in performance of our service.
  • 3.Purpose for using private information
    The Office shall use private information for the purpose of providing services listed hereinafter. The Office shall not use private information beyond the scope of service stipulated hereinafter, except in a case where legally sanctioned ca use for using private information exists.
  • Services of lawyer
    Litigation, arbitration and other dispute settlement services, Notification, reporting in compliance with laws and regulations, Information necessary for operation of the law office, Recruitment of lawyers and office workers etc.
    Sending and replying New Year's Greeting Post cards and other courtesy mails, Invitation to lectures, seminars and other events,
    Sending books, research papers and other legal work related information and responding to inquiries, Other purposes associated with above listed purpose.
  • 4.Providing private information to third parties
    The Office shall not make private information available to a third party without first obtaining consent from the person, legal requirement excepted.
  • 5.Security measures for safe private information management
    The Office ensures safe management of private information against leakage, loss or damage through operational procedures, systems and training/education of our staff.